A Broken Clock

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Jun 30, 2019 16:09
Even a broken clock can be right twice each day. A friend of mine gave to me an idea for an entry.
I was working in a plant eleven years ago. There was a broken clock in my department. Actually, the clock wasn’t broken, it’s more accurate to say it wasn’t a full clock. It had an index dial, an hour and a minute hands, and yet, it has a little electric engine – that was all. It seems I should explain this. Such a clock usually was a part of a complex electro-mechanic system. There was a main clock – a sophisticated precise device with pendulum. Every minute it gave an electric impulse. That impulse moved hands of all plugged clocks in one dial segmentation. And in such a way many clocks in different department located on a big area of the plant showed accurately exact time. My department’s clock wasn’t broken. It just needed to plug by wires to the main clock. But the plant was in poor condition. Many departments were ruined. The big parts were squalid. There was nobody who would fix the system even the main clock was saved. The unworking clock hung on the wall as reminder of better times.
Well, as you know, a broken clock can be right twice each day. That clock was right at 3 o’clock. The big dial hung across the enter door, so it was very eye-catching. I noticed that somebody who entered into the department reflexively glanced on the clock, then on their watch to see the right time. Once, I set the hands in new position. Now, it was a quarter to 5. That’s a work day was from 8 AM till 5 PM. Now, if somebody came in after noon, they looked at the clock and had forgotten for a moment what was that they came for.