An Enduring Delusion

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Mar 21, 2019 22:20

I always heard about a connection of hardness of weather (жёсткость погоды) and air humidity. In my country there is faith in that that people feel cold much colder when air humidity is high. When people see in forecast that in their town -25 degree of Celsius and somewhere Saint Petersburg (Helsinki, somewhere else in North Europe, etc) is just -5, people say that -5 could be colder than -25 because there is high humidity there. Air humidity really affects on how people endure weather, but only for hot season. When it’s cold humidity can’t affect on our feeling of weather. Nevertheless, when we are outside in winter and it’s chillier than we’ve waited we say, “Humidity is high”. The first frost always is harder than the next ones. By the way, they said that students from Africa who are studying in Russia usually don’t catch any cold at least during their first Russian winter. It’s named ‘stress immunity’. It’s possible if you have dense clothes, shoes and hat (and warm house and food and drink).
The wind is different matter. During a week in this February we have -25-28 with strong winds – brrr!