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Mar 30, 2019 01:00
In some areas of the world people practiced cannibalism until recently. I don’t mean people with morbid proclivity or people getting in extremal situation. Even in our days many people suffer from starvation. As I heard starvation used to be regular even in affluent Europe – stores about Ogres, Hansel and Gretel and many others did not come out of a vacuum. Nevertheless, cannibalism rarely was a part of culture.
When I was a boy, I heard a song about British explorer James Cook. As the song told Cook was eaten by Aborigines ( The song was playful actually. Its author just wanted to illustrate a theory that pose that in tribes using anthropophagy, men ate their enemies to get enemy’s force.
Once I heard another theory. Aborigines didn’t want anyone’s force. They could suffer from famine, but it wasn’t a reason. They knew clear they did terrible things and, strange as it may seem, it's actually was a reason. They were afraid of their gods and they wanted their gods were afraid of them too.