Please, Bury Me Behind the Plinth

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May 3, 2019 14:12
To be buried under the plinth is the idea of a little boy. He thinks he is dying (actually he isn’t). He wants to be buried behind the plinth somewhere in his mother’s flat (even in the hallway). He’ll look out from there and, once in a while, he can see his mother. He isn’t permitted to see with his mother by his grandmother. It’s she who’d instilled the thought about death to the boy. She so makes him to be cautious and she so hard cares about his health that it’s not surprising that the boy is often ill. When he is ill, the grandma is very fond to him. The care about the boy fills her life with sense and her heart with love. Alas, her grandson is a common boy and children usually are pretty resilient. The boy isn’t ill so often as he could be. When the boy isn’t ill, the grandma hates him. She hates her husband, but most of all, she hates her daughter. She’s expelled she from the house and prohibited her to see her son. However, despite all of this, she probably is the unhappiest being in the family.
“Bury Me Behind the Plinth” is a story written by Pavel Sanaev. When I read it, I thought the story is fiction. The old woman was so despotic. Her husband and daughter ware so submissive. A man who will become stepfather for the boy seemed idealized to me. In addition, I’d read “Games People Play” by Berne before that, and “Bury Me Behind the Plinth” stroke me as a good illustration for Berne’s term “game” (maybe to good).
But it turned out the story is autobiographical. The boy’s grandfather was a famous Soviet actor. The boy’s mother is famous Soviet and Russian actress Elena Sanaeva. The future stepfather of the boy was very famous Soviet and Russian actor and director Rolan Bykov. If you are interested in Russian culture you must have known these names.
There is an adaptation of the story. I haven’t seen it, but I read a review on it. They said there are good actors in the movie and they play well, but it’s absolutely a different story, so I can’t recommend the movie to you.