Propaganda of Dangerous Behavior

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Aug 22, 2019 01:01

First of all, the title is a joke. It struck me as funny to turn things upside down. Although, if we look on thing from the point of view of juvenile justice the things mightn’t be so funny, but actually I'm not quite sure about what juvenile justice is.
All that preface I made up for old Soviet movie. The movie is «Про красную шапочку» (It’s about Red Riding Hood). It interesting that two movies for children were made by the same director on “Belarusfilm Studio” in several years, «Про красную шапочку» and «Приключения Буратино» (The Adventures of Buratino), which continue being ones of the most well-known movie in Russian and are a source of many memes. The second movie is more “childish” and the first is more complex. There are some questions there about… I don’t know… multiculturalism? It’s a joke again. Never mind.
I won’t recount the content of the movie – you can read that by yourselfПро_Красную_Шапочку
I want to say some words about the songs from the movie.
The Red Riding Hood Song (песенка Красной Шапочки / Если долго-долго-долго) is just a child song simple and sparkling.
The Old Ladies Song (песенка старушек) it’s a song represent the conflict between material goods and spiritual values.
The Uninhabited Island (песенка о необитаемом острове) do you remember I’ve mentioned about juvenile justice? Key is here. (it’s only a joke!)
The Stars Song (песенка о звёздах) It’s beautiful song. In movie the song was performed by two of the most famous actors of that time. I heard a cover from two famous modern musician.
The Wolf Song (песенка волка) The most dramatic song of this movie. One such a song equivalent to a movie.
The Hunter Song (песенка охотника). This song is about courage and honesty, but the character performed the song turned out just a pathetic coward and a betrayer.
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