A Job Interview

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Jun 22, 2019 21:46

“Hello. Would you like have a side job?”
They called, as I was going home on the bus. I had published several resumes/CV-es on two job sites. I already had found a job, but I hope to find something better.
I asked what the job was. Something about processing data, knowing Word and Excel is needed. I agreed on meeting without entering into details. It would hardly bring enough money. I would hardly have enough time for this job. But I had gone to some interview knowing beforehand that I won’t apply the job, but who knows, you may come for one thing and find another. But I too tired and I’m already late. You know what? I don't think I'm going.
“Hello. Will you be in time for interview?” We rearranged the time. You know, not to go… it will be… a “bad karma”.
When I reached the office, I thought it was a wrong place. It looked like a bar or a club. I asked A girl on reception about my interview. She gave to me a questionnaire. It was right place. I sat on the sofa and started to view the place. There was atmosphere of live and joyfulness there. Several PC-s were located by wall with displays to a visitor. Diagrams were showed on PC displays and beside displays stayed little split-flap displays with big numbers in $ - were they the earnings of employees? There hardly was any side job here, I thought. The girl came to me for the questionnaire. I asked her whether I can to know about the job
“Do you refuse fill out a questionnaire?”
“No. I won’t”
A young man came to me. “Why do you refuse fill out a questionnaire?”
“Why don’t you explain to me what the job is?”
“You know, behaving like this doesn’t shows you from the best side”
“Okey, Let’s stop this discussion. Good bye”
When I came outside, they called to me again, “Hello. It’s the quality inspection services of “Price” company. Would you like to explain why you refused from our offer?”
“I don’t know who you are. I don’t know what are you doing. Would you like to explain me this? They asked me fill out a questionnaire, but there is all information in my resume. If you haven’t it, from where you’ve gotten my number?”
“It’s a pity that you live until this age, but haven’t learned to earn money”
“Yes, it’s a pity”
I thought the last phrase was rude, but at least, that wasn’t drearily. They call it, “The quality inspection service”! Whether was I a potential customer or an employee?
Now, I want to offer a questionnaire to you. What do that was?
1 That was a sect.
2 That was a scam.
3 You should learn more about them (it will be a good topic for an entry on Lang-8).
4 What did you want to see in the office? Entrenching tools?
5 Hey mate! It seems, you are looking at yourself. Are you proud with yourself?
6 The people like you is the reason why your country will never join to the first world.
7 You are a muckrake and a hell-raiser. None of this is gonna amount to a hill of beans.
8 You are a narrow-minded fool!
9 Other.