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Sep 12, 2019 01:10

Lemonland is a worriless country… The “Lemonland(Страна Лимония)” is an old song. Reading an entry of a friend of mine I remembered a Russian music hit from 30 years ago. I remembered it without any reason… Stop! That’s not what happened! I remembered other song and there was a reason. That song was “Партизанская”. The point is that my friend has a specific point of view in some aspects of life. He time by time criticize injustice of the authorities and unfairness of the ruling classes. The lyrics of that song was about a children camp that became a resort house for mongers and hucksters - “…there are a cinema, a bordello and a casino, there had been a children camp…” Children are contriving a plan how to regain the camp. They know a place where a machine gun is hidden…
I review what I’ve taped and think you could imagine something bloodthirsty. Actually, the song is foolish and playful. Actually, almost all songs of this band are silly, but they are cheerful. People are such naggers. Cheerfulness is what that is missing in this days.
Never mind, any way, I intended writing of another song. Well, Lemonland. I loosely translated several lines from the song. Here they are in random order
There is a lemon garden over the sea
Там за морями есть лимоновый сад
I’ll find a lemon and become glad
А я найду лимон и буду рад
But I won’t share it with you
Но я тебе не дам
Don’t blame me for that!
И не смей меня винить!

The lemons grow on peaks, on braes, for the riches – you hardly reach them
Растут лимоны на высоких горах, на крутых берегах, для крутых – короче ты не достанешь

The Lemonland is a worriless country
Страна Лимония – страна без забот
There is an underground passage thereto
В страну Лимонию ведёт подземный ход
Try to find it by yourself
Найти попробуй сам
Without my advice
Не буду я тебя учить

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