Spirited Away (Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi)

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Oct 9, 2018 15:15
Once, when my eldest brother visited me (he lives in another town) with his sons, I take some VHS for my nefews in a video store. One of them was Spirited Away. it's an anime. In the Russian translation ‘Spirited Away’ sounds like ‘Gone With the Wind’, is it funny? (Are there some synonyms in English for the word ‘funny’?) I’m sure you have seen Spirited Away. I’m not a fan of anime, manga, hentai etc. (I was kidding mentioned about hentai; forgive me for this evil joke), but I like this movie. It’s the only anime I ever liked. I envy you, If you haven’t seen it – you can do it. There are two scenes that I think the most beautiful. The first is, when Chihiro with her parents went out the tunnel and saw white clouds drifted in a/the (?) blue sky above the green-grassy valley. The station with clock turret in this scene reminded me the illustration from a child’s book that I had when was a tad. Another scene is when Chihiro followed Hagu between walls of flowers.
By the way, there is a user on Lang-8 who use the picture of Chihiro for her avatar. You can know her. She seems a fan of anime (or she is a fan only of CHihiro).
I never like other anime, but I vaguely remember one that I had seen a long time ago, when I was a teenager. This was doom movie with some sexual and sexual assault scenes. There were the three worlds in there: the superior for spirits, the middle for men and inferior for demons. The spirits waited fulfilling the prophecy about the Great one, who would unite the three world and the demons obstruct fulfilling the prophecy. The Great would come, but he turned out to be a completely unpredictable asshole (excuse me again) – the demons were right. I don’t know, has the story any connection with real religions of Japan?