Dog’s Attack. Buddy

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Jun 18, 2019 01:12
There is a dog on my work. It guards the gate. Its name is Druzhok. let’s call it Buddy. Buddy is a big mutt with a big head. It’s usually friendly (if not to do sharp moving). At the morning in the last Saturday as I was walking through the gate it moved to me with an old floor brash in its mouth. It put the brash on the ground, as if it wanted I play with it. It was wagging its tail and “smiling” (had amiable look). When in afternoon I was walking to the gate to go away, Buddy wasn’t playful. The morning brash laid near it, but it wasn’t “smiling”. It looked morosely. What is wrong? Did I go alone? Was the time unusual? When I first time came to here, I was alone and the time was unusual, but it was dead friendly.
Buddy rushed to me with short bark straining the leash. It was unpleasant moment. In the next moment the guard popped out from the gatehouse and shouted at Buddy, “… … …!”. Which, loosely translated, was something like, “You are really annoying!” It seems, I wasn’t the first Buddy’s victim that day. At the evening today, Buddy was laying put its head on its paws put no attention to anybody. It seemed wistful. It seems Baddy is a dog of moods.
(No animals were harmed during the making of this entry)