Clever Clogs

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Jun 1, 2019 01:18

I heard an English podcast today. A man and a woman were discussing the happening. The woman bought clever clogs (wooden shoes) because she thought that wearing them made her cleverer. The man tried to explain to her that this was a stupid deed (the man got left with all the guilt, of course).
I found out that “clever clogs” is an idiom. Clever clogs is a person who is annoying because they think they know more than every one else… Now I know who I am. I love to give advice and information. I want to seem smart. In fact, this is the main reason that I’m on Lang-8. I hope I’m not too annoying.
By the way, have you known that if to put a cup with water in a microwave and to boil up the water, when you fetch out the cup from oven the water can blow up? Yes, yes! It can! You put the cup of water out from the microwave. Water is calm, but when you put a substance in cup or put a teaspoon there or just shake the cup… Boof! Hardly a half of the water has left in the cup! You better that your hands aren’t too near to cup at this moment… You’ve already known it? Ou… You’ve known it for a long time? Well, okey then…