Ice Cream and Sore Throat

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Jun 2, 2019 01:31
There is a belief in Russia that cold beverage and ice cream can triggered sore throat and cold. There are people who quench/hardened themselves by drinking cold milk and water, others (like me) think it stupid thing to do, but hardly somebody will do that if they has caught cold already. It was a culture shock for me to find out that the opposite view widespread among British and Americans. For example, people think that ice cream can smooths sore throat. I had been thinking for a moment whether this difference reflects the difference in the natural environment, but I too often see lightly dressed people in Russia in cold weather (they often are victims of fashion, but not always). I interested though, what do people living somewhere in Alaska think about the connection of ice cream or cold drinking and sore throat or cough? What do people think about it in your country?
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