Cuisinatra. A Translation Problem

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Oct 31, 2018 15:46
Cuisinatra was mentioned in one series of Russian cartoon series “Smesharyks” (Смешарики). “Smesharyks” is an entertaining and educational series for children A Russian leaner published an entry about this on lang-8). Cuisinatra [sic] was a fabulous being, who know everything (including meaning of life). Nobody knew what she was, but it’s obvious she is “she” (female). First, I used to think it’s creators of the series who invented her. In actually, Cuisinatra is a mistake of a Russian translator becoming a meme. In the “Trumps of Doom” of Roger Zelazny, a protagonist asked a sphinx a riddle, “Something red and green is going round and round and round, what is this?” The answer was, “A frog in a Cousinart (a food processor)”. They didn’t translate and transliterated this confusing in this the two lust letters. Reading all this I remembered how I had read that book. I was puzzled by an unknown word, but for an unclear reason I read it as “Cousinator” [sic]. I imagined it like… a lavatory pan. Don’t ask me why. By the way, I was sixteen. A whimsical thing is that Cousinator, whatever it is, is “he” – words have gender in Russian. For a quarter of age I thought wrongly Cuisinatra was a male
PS I’m not sure about ‘whimsical thing’ is an appropriate word. I wanted to check it on (on?) the Internet and saw a picture on Webster. The creature at the picture could be a frog when it got out from a cousinator.