A Gold Mine

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Jun 29, 2019 12:47
Short Introduction
Imagine, you are going on the bus (subway, train etc). There are few people in the bus. You are sitting and somebody strange is sitting next to you. Suddenly, the person stands up, goes away from you and sits down on another seat in distance. What will you feel in this case? Would it be some discomfort? Would you check your smell? Might one’s reactions in such situation illustrate the rate of self-confidence?
When you get on a bus (or enter into a room) where there are enough seats, so you are able take place separately from other people, you do this, don’t you? The common sense dictate: don’t invade in one’s personal place if you can avoid that. But another situation: you are sitting and somebody strange is has already been sitting next to you. You want to take another seat (you just want it). Would you take into account their feeling?
In the dressing room at the workshop where I had started to work was a heavy scent (there are people with a special odor, especially if they don’t wash their socks too long). The scent was clingy. I washed out my cloth locker and my clothes, but not my backpack (I did it later), so this smell had been persuading me for a while. This issue gave me an idea to make a sachet of coffee (it is within touch, has strong and pleasant scent). I went in a supermarket for coffee in the bean. As I was carrying the coffee home on the bas, a girl next me started to smell her wrists. It seemed she became disappointed in her perfume (I hadn’t washed my backpack yet).
At the first morning when I smelling of coffee entered in subway and sat on the bench a woman sat on the left of me and a man – on the right. At 7 AM on this station never are many people and the wan was almost empty. Six people could sit on that bench, so we all could sit with gaps, but they sat next to me. First, I thought that was coincidence. As they used to say in Russia, even a stave can go bang once a year (раз в год даже палка стреляет). But now I think that wasn’t accidentally. I think to write a book. Its name will be "How to Win Friends and Influence People." I’ll become rich.
PS Have you known that June 29 is the anniversary of creating Lang-8?
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