Bad Mood

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Feb 14, 2018 17:18
One naturalist wrote in his book as after months somewhere in jungle of Kalimantan or Sumatra he was incredibly lucky to see mating of orangutans. It is hardly many people have seen it in the wild. Live in jungle not simple for orangutans - they must go big distance for food every day, they so tired that they cannot think about love. The naturalist went on that in some zoo a couple of orangutans had been very embarrassed people, especially people with small children. The orangutans had nowhere to put their energy. It is a pretty old book. Would parents with children be embarrassed now at seeing mating orangutans?
When a guru of pickup texts an entry reasoning about a ‘man’ is a ‘male’ and the instinct obliges him to transmit his genes, it were funny if it wasn’t so long. Is he really going to transmit his genes to anybody?
Are you not satisfied? Just try to change orientation.