Pink Cross

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Oct 24, 2018 17:12

If you looked for ‘pink cross’ in the in Russian Internet (РОЗОВЫЙ КРЕСТ) you would find many links about Rosencreutzers (орден РОЗЫ И КРЕСТА). This coincidence seems hilarious. I found it out myself when I was looking for information about the found Pink Cross Foundation. I wanted to study details relating something I came across before. First, I saw it when I read an article relating pornography. Pink Cross was founded by Shelley Lubben, American, who was formed porn-actress, but became a born-again Christian and anti-pornography activist. The word is changing. Today formed porn-actress can become a DJ, a TV show host or guest, a politician… Adult industry becomes start-up for ambitious people. I heard nothing about porn-actor (It’s gender chauvinism!). Some people say pornography is good thing. Some say that it isn’t good, but it’s very useful. Some say it’s harmful. Not only for soul that could be main for religious people, but for mental and body healthy. Is there somebody who it doesn’t concern for?