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May 11, 2019 01:20 Humor

Once (probably it was in the last year) I saw news about Chines swimming suits. Whit skin is trending in China, so Chines women use special swimming suits that cover their faces or all bodies to prevent from suntan.
Before I saw pictures on the internet. The pictures named “Head-dress for girls that have to come home late.” I think it was a joke, but who knows? There are girls probably who are sound via such hats?
In fact, I’m not a girl, don’t afraid walking at night (perhaps it’s a mistake) and like tan, but, just for the love of art, those things should be combined! Swimming suits for girls that have to come home late!
Also, various combinations are possible. For example: Hats for women that afraid of swimming.
OK, OK, I was pulling you leg; it was a joke. Now, I’ll be serious. I really have a new idea. Ta-dah! The luminescent Chines swimming suit! Now, swimming at night, you can be sure that you will be seen and saved if you start to sink. If only there weren't a giant squid near in the water… on the other hand, if you bump into a bully when you go home, that bully will never go outside from dusk until dawn.
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