An Unforgettable Business Trip

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May 5, 2019 22:59

As far as I can remember, it was in the beginning of the November 2014. Our firm made a step-down substation for a customer in another town and it had to be installed there. For shipment of the substation was haired a track and three men, including me, would drive a car. The car was service. It belonged to the firm, but it hadn’t a permanent driver and nobody charged for it. It had snowed in two days before our departure and the car was reshod in studded (winter) tires. As you will see, this was case of our adventures. By the way, it usually snows little in our town. In opposite, in the area where we directed it snows much more, but in that time somebody in the sky office mixed all – my town was white with the snow and all way the ground was black and brown. If we drove in summer tires…
Well, we drive from the town thirty kilometers when we got a flat tire. We “caught” a self-tapping screw. Because the car hadn’t an “owner”, there were no spare wheel and lift jack. Fortunately, a guy being as a driver in that journey took with him their own. But when we changed the wheel, we saw another wheel got flat (for the first time). It is a bleak situation, especially when you are far from people at night in the winter and you have no hope for help, isn’t it? Two of us went for searching a tire fitting shop. There was none on the road. At the nearest gasoline station, we encountered men from a settlement where was one. They lifted us there. There the fitter fixed our wheel and explain what happened. The inner tire had been punctured and repaired incorrectly before with cheapest Chines ribbon. After that the fitter called his familiar taxy driver. We all together drove to our car and put the wheel... The fitter and his friend made good money in the upshot, but what else could we do? We reached the next settlement in the deep of night and spent the night there. In the morning the wheel was flat again. It was the same wheel. However, we were in a settlement and it was day, so we found a tire fitting shop without difficulties.
We reached the destination. While we were making our work, we checked the wheel time by time. It was losing air slowly but surely. We were advised to offer to a tire-fitter-woman. We were promised that after her repairing, our wheel would be eternal. We found her shop. The big strong woman worked with her husband. And in spite of it was not she, but her husband, who repaired the wheel at the third time, it wouldn’t lose air again (probably, everything that could be teared, had already been teared). I don’t think, it actually got eternal, but we were back to our place without new adventures.
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