Attacked by a Dog

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Jun 19, 2019 01:23

I don’t like dogs. It seems, dogs don’t like me. I often fall to thinking as I’m working or walking and if I walk outside, I’m sometimes awakened by a pouch that rashes suddenly at me. If I were a mystic, I could suppose that dogs see an aura or demons and react, but I’m not. Such awakenings aren’t pleasant, nevertheless, I must be gratify those dogs – the daydreaming isn’t a good habit and I want to get ride of it (thank you dogs).
Last Sunday evening I was walking on the street. It was cold and vet (it had been raining before). Gloaming was approaching. My way lay by a store. A black dog was leashed to the fence across the pedestrian, against the store. It was similar to German Shepperd, mongrel probably. The dog’s owner was in the store and the nervous dog barked on strangers/passerbys. As I was walking by the store, it turned the dog was untied. Who was the owner that was unable properly to tie dog to the fence? An old lady? A drunkard? A child? I moved backwards in front the attacked dog. Fortunately, it was in a muzzle. It hit me in my shoulder with its snout – it was going to bite me. Stop! Don’t do that! Get off stupid brute! An old woman shouted at children staying on the front steps of the store to come into the store and to bring the dog’s owner, but they just gazed at the scene and didn’t move. At least I passed by the dog and went ahead left the dog behind me. In fact, a dog in a muzzle couldn’t harm anybody, but I felt a strange mix of humiliation and a sense of unaccomplishment.