The Escapist’s Anthem

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Mar 21, 2019 01:51
My family had a strange musical taste…
My eldest brother liked nifty music. It was Italian pop music in early 80s and later it was Scorpions, Queen and Bon Jovi (Bon Jovi was rather good even too “sweet”). My twin brother liked very heavy music. Something like Motor Maidan or Iron head (I hardly can listen something harder than Led Zeppelin)
I never saw my father listening to any music…
My mother tried singing Russian folk songs when her relatives was doing it on a feast. She also tried listening some classical music because she thought that was good.
I’m bit like to all of them. I like Russian rock a little and Russian folk a little. I was trying to love Queen and Beatles because I thought that was good and I dislike music at all actually. And I always loved long depressive ballads like “Stairways to Heaven”, “Soldier of Fortune” or “Я получил эту роль”.
There is a Russian singer whose song I remember from time when I was a little boy
(he is not depressive in all and his main hit is “Плот” – the Raft is quite vital; I could recommend it for you if you like such a style
One of his songs’ name is “I Can Day-Dream”. This song is an escapist’s anthem.