A Word about Buckwheat

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Jul 16, 2019 02:02
I’ve read that in German and English the name of buckwheat connected with a tree. Its Russian (Slavish) name connected with Greece, but its home land is Himalayas. In addition to buckwheat grouts itself, buckwheat fields gave considerable amount of honey.
Buckwheat is my favorite food. I eat buckwheat porridge almost every day. I eat it with butter or milk. Many people use buckwheat as a side dish to meat or fish and cooked buckwheat with vegetables… Well... no accounting for taste, but I never do that. No spices; no onion, carrot, parsly – only grain and water. There only four things that I add to buckwheat: either butter (oil) or milk; boiled eggs and salt. I don’t usually eat buckwheat in café or canteen: first, I’ve already eaten it home, second – they cook buckwheat as a side dish to meat or fish and, in my opinion, they always undercook it. By the way, I don’t like milk. I get a little milk only for buckwheat porridge (and hot chocolate).
I heard that many people don’t like buckwheat – they find it unpalatable. They say Russian get used to its taste from childhood and don’t notice that. Well, buckwheat ostensibly hasn’t that as noodles or cakes, has it? I don’t think that years are needed to get used buckwheat, but there are people in Russia who don’t like it too. Sometimes it really tastes strange, so it’s important pick a good grain. Grains mustn’t be petty and dark. My Chinese friends, excuse me, but Chinese buckwheat has a bad reputation.
There is a young female singer who take Russian name of buckwheat as a stage name.
In our days people of rich Europe run mad after “Healthy food”, “Organic food” etc. Green buckwheat, quinoa and other exotic things become more and more popular. Well, whatever blows up your skirt (is it sound well? Isn’t it smutty? In Russian we say: whatever child entertains, as it doesn't cry – чем бы дитя не тешилось, лишь бы не плакало). Whether buckwheat contains gluten or not – I don’t care, I just like it. However, I don’t deny that food that I start to consider as wholesome, becomes more delicious and its taste often significantly improves. Enjoy your meal and excuse me for a long entry! Bon appetit!