Immutable Rules

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Oct 8, 2018 14:14

I believe I heard something about Murphy’s Law. In Russian, we say ‘закон подлости’ or ‘закон бутерброда’ (I haven’t risked to translate those in English). I found up the word ‘immutable’ as the translation for the Russian words ‘непреложный, незыблемый’, but I’m not sure the word is usual for English speakers. Should I use ‘golden rules’ or ‘absolute rules’?
Let’s get to it. Do you have some old or unfrequently used things? You must have them unless you don’t move from place to place every half year. Some things keep also our remembrance; some ones could be rather rare. Some people have a gift to sprout/accumulate/accrete (?) with things. Have you were with a thing in your hands and thinking, “It would be useful some day or other”. Of course, there is another extremity that opposite to thrift in modern consumer society. However, it’s need to get rid of odds and ends from time to time. We can sell, present, donate, just finally throw away goods (which was kept for years probably).
OK, the rules. An old thing won’t more likely be need before you get rid of it. The likelihood of a thing will be need, increases dramatically after you get rid of it. If you need a thing and can’t find it in your house you need to bay another, exactly the same ones to find the first.