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Jun 8, 2019 23:18

A couple of swallows settled in the workshop where I’m working now. The swallow is a popular character of fairy tale, but I had seen no swallows in the town where I lived before. So, swallows were some icon for me, like… the London fog or… French cheeses (everyone knows they exist and saw them in pictures, but who knows, maybe they are only a legend?). When I first saw swallows in Barnaul, the capital of Altain area, I was really surprised. The birds molded their nests on the facade of the river passenger terminal/station (речной вокзал). When on this week I saw the swallow sitting on the wire, I look around seeking for somebody, who didn’t notice it yet and to who I could point out and say, “Look! this is a swallow!” But nobody was near. And it turned out, it and its spouse are living in my workshop. The birds have black heads and backs, white tammy and chests, red throat and long forked tails. They aren’t afraid of people, noise, work tools, smell of varnish. They flying around the workshop, in and out, but I wander, what they’re doing in nights and Sundays when the workshop is closed?
I haven’t seen yet whether they have sculpted their nest. Maybe they are progressive swallows?
PS Maybe for you the swallow is a vulgar bird? (like the London fog for Londoner).
PPS Have you seen anywhen what color is Daw’s eyes. Maybe a common Daw is an exotic bird for someone?