Swifts and the Cricket

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May 21, 2019 00:02

I saw many swifts yesterday. Once the city noise slackened for a moment and their voices break through it. I looked up and saw them. They were flying high above the city. There were many of them. It’s was warm yesterday, so I opened the window. I could hear swift’s voices till the gloaming. When it got dark, I could hear a cricket. There is something similar of voices of the cricket and the swift, isn’t it? By the way, I live on the fourth floor (on the fifth floor for Russians), so I wandered where the cricket was sitting. It hardly was on the ground. Probably he was on a balcony.
I didn’t see any swifts today. Just before sunset I heard them. I looked through the window and saw few. Will the cricket come? It’s better to have a cricket today, than swifts yesterday (a calembour). Or, It’s better to say, it’s better a cricket on a balcony, than swifts flying.