A Mole and an Egg

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Mar 28, 2018 18:47 Parable

A mole was walking and stumbled about an egg (the mole was blind and the egg was lying on his pass). The egg cried, ‘Be careful!’
‘Excuse me!’, answered the mole, ‘The it’s a small world.’
The egg agreed, ‘Indeed, the world is very small!’
‘Said me, please, what is the world for you?’, asked The blind mole.
The egg answered, ‘Usually, the world is the egg!’
‘Yes, yes, I’d been told’, agreed the mole, ‘But, is it truth that the world is turning? I can’t believe it’
The egg exclaimed, ‘But it does move sometimes! But just it’s been turning and now stopped.’
‘Oh! It’s so surprisingly and interesting!’, marveled the mole, ‘However, is it possible that the world is bright and beautiful?’
‘Oh now! It’s false! I can say more – it’s very dark and uncomfortable - being in the world’
‘I thought so! It’s always been telling them! That is it! And the main discomfort is being hangry all time.’ said the mole.
The egg confirmed, ‘That’s for sure! All Time!’
At the moment the egg cracked. The mole heard the crack and faced about to it. He smells something tasty. He go to the smell and ate swallowed it. Having eaten the mole said, ‘But the world isn’t so grievous when you find a kindred soul, is it?’ There wasn’t answer. ‘My friend where are you?’ become anxious the mole, ‘Where are you?!’ No answer. ‘The world does is so sorrowful! To find a friend and to lost a friend right away!’ The heartsore mole plodded off.