The Shapito-Show (Шапито-Шоу)

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Jun 20, 2018 15:36
The Шапито Шоу is a movie by… some director. I don’t know it and I think, I won’t look up it in Wikipedia, if someone will have wanted, (s)he is doing it. Or, may be, someone do watch it. I watched it some ten years ago on TV. It’s funny how it happened. I was doing some deed in the room in which was the TV on. When I do something, I like the radio or the TV is on. A program about pedophiles in internet had been going on TV and then started the movies, but I missed the moment when the programs changed, I was just half-listening (как сказать, «Я просто слушал в пол-уха»?). So, I see how a baldheaded man is arranging for a meeting with a young girl (and I think that the program about pedophiles go on). This scene was gradually engaging me, and then, before I started to understand what was going on, a strange stupid naive funny song started. I gave up my doing, and the next day I was waiting for the continuation (the movie compose comprise four parts), but I missed the beginning again. I liked it! It are four easy funny stories about some people that go to the sea in the same time; each story shows the place from different views and people who was main characters in one story go on background in other. I must say I usually don’t go to the Cinema for Russian movie. It’s not a question of my patriotism or my political opinion, but have you seen ‘Притяжение’ or ‘Сталинград’? Два пальца в рот (I haven’t fond how say it in English).
By the way, I remembered some more movies that I saw accidently on TV and very liked it: The Unforgiven (Clint Eastwood), House of Flying Daggers (how beautifully the leaves fall in the bamboo forest) and The Triplets of Belleville. Have you seen them? Sometimes (not always), awards are given knowingly.