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Jul 23, 2019 12:13
この間、自動車メーカーのBMWは、来年3月から出回る予定であるMINI初の量産電気自動車「MINI Electric」の受注を開始したと発表した。BMWは数年に渡り、実験モデルやコンセプトカーを経て、ようやく量産車のMINIクーパー電気自動車を市場に投入した。MINIは前にもMINIクーパー電気自動車を作ったが、それはあくまでも実験的なもので数も少なかったのだ。

BMW MINIによると、前輪駆動の「MINIクーパーSE」 電気自動車には181馬力のモーターが搭載され、MINIの他のモデルが持つ「go-cart」のような運動性能も発揮できるということだ。






Mini Cooper goes electric

Recently BMW announced that it is opening its order book for Mini Electric with deliveries expected from March 2020. After years of experimental models and concept cars, BMW finally unveiled a fully electric Mini Cooper that you will be able to buy. MINI has previously produced electric versions of Mini Cooper, but only as an experiment in limited numbers.

Powered by a 181-horsepower electric motor, the front-wheel-drive Mini Cooper SE will deliver the sort of "go-kart handling" as in its other models, the company said.

The car's battery pack is T-shaped and runs down the center of the car and under the back seats. This configuration allows the small two-door car to have the same passenger and cargo space as the gasoline-powered version. It also has a slightly lower center of gravity for better handling around corners, according to the company.

The Mini Cooper SE will have a driving range of about 146 to 168 miles on a charge, the company said. But official figures for the US are not available yet, so the range estimates only apply to models in Europe.

The car is equipped with four driving modes. Sport mode will provide punchy performance and quick steering, while Green and Green+ modes will be tuned for optimal energy efficiency. There will also be a balanced Mid mode for everyday driving.

Drivers will also be able to select a "single pedal" driving mode in which the car will use its regenerative braking capability as soon as the driver's foot lifts off the accelerator. In regenerative braking, the car's rolling wheels push the electric motors instead of the other way around. This way the motors slow the car while also generating electricity to feed the batteries, and it allows the driver to slow down without having to use the brake pedal.

To protect pedestrians, the car will make a slight noise at low speeds, as required by new European regulations, so people can hear the otherwise silent electric car approaching.
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