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断食明けには“Eid ul-Fitr”があり、それは“断食終わりの祭典”という意味である。次の新月が覗ける時はEidの日になる。この日、ムスリムは朝早く起きて、最も良い服を着て、祈祷に参加する。その後、お互いにお祝いの言葉を交わし、素敵な食べ物を楽しんたり、子供と愛する人にギフトを贈ったりして、家族と一緒にこの日の残り時間を過ごす。

Last month I had a business trip to Turkey. Turkey is basically an Islamic country. This month, Islamic countries in the world will observe Ramadan. What happens during Ramadan and what does it mean to millions of Muslims worldwide?

Ramadan is a very special time for Muslims all over the world. Observing Ramadan is one of the five 'pillars' of Islam. During Ramadan, all Muslims over the age of 12, with some exceptions, are expected to fast between dawn and sunset.

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, which follows the phases of the moon. This means the dates of Ramadan change each year. The month starts when the new crescent moon is first visible in the night sky. Fasting ends with the arrival of the next lunar month, which starts with the first glimpse of the new crescent moon.

During Ramadan, the day starts early so that people can eat a pre-fast meal before dawn. This meal is important as it will keep them going through the day. During daylight hours, fasting Muslims cannot eat food or drink water or any other drinks.

Not all Muslims are expected to fast. Children under the age of 12, people who are travelling, elderly people, pregnant women and others where it may affect their health are exempt. Those who can't fast for any reason can offer to feed poor people for each day they miss during Ramadan.

People can eat and drink again once the sun has set. The traditional way to break the fast is by eating dates and drinking a glass of water.

Muslims fast during Ramadan to bring them closer to God and to remind them of the suffering of people who are less fortunate than themselves. Fasting is an exercise in self-control. As well as not eating, drinking or smoking, Muslims try to avoid bad actions, like talking about people behind their backs or using bad language. Ramadan is a time for people to work on being more patient, more tolerant and more mindful of the people around them. It is a moment to reflect and work on being better people.

At the end of the fast there is “Eid ul-Fitr” which means “festival of breaking the fast.” The day of Eid is the day when the new crescent moon can be seen. On the day of Eid, Muslims wake up early and dress in their finest clothes to attend prayers. After prayers, they wish each other a happy Eid before spending the rest of the day with their families, enjoying good food and sharing gifts with children and loved ones.