I went to Genipabu beach.

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Aug 16, 2017 23:12 Brazil
I went to Genipabu beach.

Genipabu is a beach near Natal Urban zone. It's one of most beautiful beaches in Brazil. Genipabu is know by many foreigners and Brazilians. I had never been there. When I told this for my friends, they involuntarly thinking that I was odd. "How could somebody that live in Natal to say to have never been in Genipabu?!"

Sorry me, but, I don't like beaches sufficiently. I know merely two beaches in my hometown: "Redinha" (an dirty beach) and "do meio" (it's beautiful but dangereous). Both of them are beaches form Urban zone. The beaches from urban zone are uglier and dirtier. However, beaches far away from urban zone are more beautiful and have less houses, people and poluition. Generally thoses beaches are places nearly untouched by humanity. Genipabu is one of these places! It has hills and vegetation looking like a desert. I went with a friend to there. When I arrivied there, I feel so calm. I got shocked with the Genipabu beauty.

We took a long time for reaching there, as there are few bus lines going to Genipabu region. The worst is that the buses take a long time in bus stop. However, the waiting worth it.

Next time, I will visit "Santa Rita" beach. It's on border of Genibapu beach. It isn't too beautiful as Genipabu because It hasn't hills at borderline with the sea.

I almost forgot! I already to "Graçandu" beach. It's more distant from Urban zone than Genipabu. There, the beach has a sea violent, then you must think two times before to plunge there. There is the lagoon of Pitangui near beach. I like Pitangui lagoon. I like Graçandu because there are few people travelling to there. Futhermore, the beach stays untouched.