Low birth rate: A real threatening for Japan.

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Aug 28, 2017 06:22
Low birth rate: A real threatening for Japan.

Japan was fifth most populous country in the world until 60's years. It just was, in population terms, behind China, India, the Soviet Union and the US. After it became a developed nation, the birth rate dropped a lot. Between 1960-90 the japanese population grew sactisfatorily as the death rate droppep together with the birth rate, making the real population growth to be unchanged. As the elderly population turned significant in 90's and the young population fallen overwhelmingly, the birth rate dropped as the death rate rised, leaving the real population growth rate near to zero. The japanese population barely grew between 1990-2005. This reflected in economic performance. Without young workers, Japan was forced to import workers from countries near Japanese borders such as China, South Korea and Taiwan. These workers came mostly from South Korea. Unfortunately, Japanese government and average people of Japan always discriminated foreign workers, making they came back to their origin countries as soon as possible after getting their goals in Japan. This made Japan lose a lot of highly capacitive workers that were formed by important Japanese universities. For that reason, Japan that formerly was a ultrafuturistic nation, losed positions to China and South Korea. Many South Koreans brought Japanese technologies for Korea turning South Korea into a modern nation competing with Japan. China also is near to caught up with Japan technological capacity.

Backing to Japanese population growth problem, we may realize that its population are falling utimately. Since 2005 Japan has experienced small drops in its population. There are many old people, but there are few young people as well. The growth economic rate has been falling year to year. The statal program to rise birth rate has got thinly positive results. People in Japan don't want to have children because is expensive to care of one. Japanese men prefer Karaoke than dating with women because they afraid to relationships as the japanse woman is independent too much in all aspects (sentimentally and financially).

Japanese couples have only a child at large. However, there are each time less couples and they are having each time less children.

Russia, Finland and Sweden was the only countries that got rise their birth rates with efficient birth growth programs. However, it sn't clear whether theses programs will go on making the population these countries grow over time.

Japanese international demands may be denied if Japanese population go on aging and its real growth to go on below zero, as many potencies may use the japanese population crisis in order to get its own interests. For example: Chine could go on moving into Japan sea without any blocking. Russia could conquer more places into Japan sea through Kurile islands too.
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