Trip to Hunan Province

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Sep 10, 2016 21:06
Time to leave Hunan, it’s a great city with a lot of great scenery and lovely people.

Can’t say enough thanks to the family we live with, providing a great environment making me feel at home, esp. when I come back home finding my full-of-dirt-shoes washed, i was so moved. And the great mountains standing still and always can truly give you a shock how amazing the nature could be. Another fascinating experience would be bathing in the lake, all kind of lakes: fearful at first, comfortable then, unwilling to leave at last. Jumping in the water would be the most exciting part, first time to be in the water should be jumping -> half-drowning…last time jumping from an even higher place, the moment you lost gravity and the buzz in your ears will never fade in your mind.
I will miss it!