Indian family.

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Aug 23, 2017 21:02
I enjoy UK life now.
I'm living with Indian family.
I have own room.
And I'm shearing other spaces(rooms are better?)with them.
They are really kind to me.
For example, of course I have to share the fridge with them.
Firstly they said " you can use this space, and we will sometimes put leftovers ".
Actually it was true.
Almost everyday, when I opened fridge, there are Indian foods!!
I really like Indian curry.
So I'm really happy.
On the other hand, I'm nervous a bit.
Because this is not homestay.
I didn't pay anything for food.
Actually they don't seem to mind giving me a food.
So for now, I just accept this situation.
And I'm going to buy some Japanese sweets for them in near future.