Job Interview.

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Sep 9, 2017 20:33
I'm working at restaurant in UK.
Unfortunately, that job doesn't lead to get work visa for the future.
That's why, I decided to try changing my job.
I made a CV and cover letter somehow.
Making cover letter was so hard.
I don't want to make it anymore haha.
I have already sent them to a company and finally I got an opportunity to take a job interview next Monday.
I have never taken office work job interview in foreign countries.
So I'm really nervous now.
What's more, I have to take a language test too.
I actually feel bad cause of that test.
I borrowed job interview success book in the library.
So I'm preparing what I speak in the interview for now.
Unfortunately, that job is temporary.
So I don't think I can get a work visa there too.
But getting office work experience is good for me.
So I want to get that job somehow.
I'll do my best.

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