Weeds Invasion

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May 12, 2019 00:10
I live on the first floor of a condo and have a small garden enclosed with high walls.
Last week, when I was in my garden, I found a slightly brown weed that grew up on the other side of the wall gain access through about 30 centimeters over the wall.
Also, there were a few weeds of the same sort growing up near the weed.
I don't know what the name of the weeds is.
They were forms of vine with long thin stems which look like feelers.
Those stems made those weeds appear as though they were weird alien-like creatures.
I thought that I had to consult with a condo janitor in order to find ways to cope with the weeds because I don't have a right to get rid of the weeds acting on my own authority.
However, a person who had the weeds eradicated his whole weeds in his garden today.
I saw those gross weeds come down, with deep joy in my heart, peeking through my window.