A Flock of Starlings

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Aug 30, 2019 15:25
In various regions in Japan, a flock of tons of starlings roost in a lot of traffic like in front of stations from early summer through autumn.
As darkness sets in, people can see them on trees in the park or on the electric wires tootling annoyingly every day.
Basically, I like birds, but I don't think that they are adorable.
They are sometimes kind of creepy when they are on the electric wires at regular intervals because they bring back the picture of a movie titled "The Birds" made by Hitchcock.
It is troublesome issue that their droppings make the roads dirty.
I have to avoid walking under them.
According to the city, there are places where the roadside trees are covered by nets, or are trimmed the branches in order to avoid starlings, but those trees aren't looking good.
Also, there are places where people try to drive a flock of starlings away by flying a hawk, the natural predator of starlings, toward the trees that starlings on them.
However, if starlings disappear from various regions in Japan, the ecosystems might be damaged because they eat a lot of bugs.