Working in Information Technology

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Aug 11, 2019 12:02
I work with various people such as the company employees and temporary workers.
Among them, there are some people who bring trouble to others during working time.
In Japan, workers work together without having compartments, so they often see people's face around them and hear the sound of clacking of their keyboards.
The workers often have people who are loud in typing keyboards, but I have had a worker who was loud in dragging his mouse.
He had a nasty habit of tapping his mouse.
I consulted my boss on how to drop the bad habit, but my boss did nothing for me.
My boss seemed to endure a situation that an employee next to him made a big sound when typing a keyboard, too.
I had to solve my own problem by myself.
I bought a mousepad and asked the worker next to me to use it.
I explained why I asked him to do so with a smiling voice.
I said that I was a person who was very sensitive to sound without criticizing him for making a nasty tapping sound.
He apologized and used the mousepad, so I was able to solve the problem.