A Gap of Information Between in English and in Japanese

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Jun 3, 2017 23:32 digital divide
A few weeks ago, I watched a video in which a man who is bilingual in Japanese and English said, "There is a huge digital divide between in English and in Japanese."
Today, I made sure he was saying the right thing.
I had been pretty annoyed about a problem that related to using my laptop which is hooked up on the Internet for a while.
I struggled to find the solution searching the Internet and found many Japanese people had asked about the same problem on Q&A site.
However, no one has got a useful reply.
I figured out how to handle the problem from some responses on the site and ended up bringing the problem to a close on my own.
After that, I typed the very same word which caused the problem in the search box, but I wasn't able to find any site in Japanese.
Instead of that, I was able to find a site in English!