Anjelino among the 20 Coolest Bike Designs (Bloomberg web)

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Feb 22, 2011 17:25
ブルームバーグのウェブページで世界の自転車トップ20をみました I have found the 20 Coolest Bike Designs on the Bloomberg webpage.


なんとアンジェリーノ(ブリジストン)が! Surprisingly, Anjelino (Bridge stone) was selected among them.

たしかに他の自転車とデザイン的にも遜色ない気が Certainly I feel Anjelino is as cool as other top 20 cool bikes in design.

そういえば 今朝アンジェリーノの写真をとってました By the way, I coincidently took pictures of Anjelino this morning.

家にたたずんでましたAnjelinos stayed at their homes this morning.

おおきな家、アパートの小さなエントランス One was a large home. One was a small entrance of an apartment.

家族のようでした They seem to live as their families...