Old Frackers (Its improvement!)

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Jan 25, 2011 05:15
週末(しゅうまつ)下鴨神社まで走ったとき途中で年季(ねんき)のはいったフラッカーズ、a mama bicycleをみました I saw some old-fashioned Frackers, a brand of mama bicycle on the last weekend when I was ranning to the Shimogamo Shrine.

ひとつは前かごがかなり古くて一つ前の世代(せだい)のモデルでした First, I saw a very old fashioned Frackers of which front basket was the legend/prototype(which? or another?) model.

携帯で言えば1Gになるでしょうか・・・ In other words, the bicycle was the same as old as an 1G model of mobile phones.

はじめてみました I have never seen the model of the bicycles.

ママチャリの前かごといまのa mama bicycleの前かごのハイブリッドですね The model of the front basket was a hybrid between a mama chari's model and a recent mama bicycle's model.(←むずかしい)

(フラッカーズの)進化の過程を見るようです、面白いと思いました It was fun because I could imagine the process of improvement of mama bicycle, Fruckers.

それと、数分もしない間にたまたま、さっきのとは一つ前のフラッカーズに出会いました Second, I coincidently saw another type of an old Fruckers which was a former type of the previous one in a few minutes.

こちらはさらに今のモデルと上述のモデルとのハイブリッドだとおもいました I thought that the bicycle was also a hybrid between the previous one and the recent one.

まえかごが基本的にいまのものに近いですね The later bicycle's front basket was basically the same as the recent one.

しかし、ほんの1年前、ママ自転車の進化なんかをしかもこんなエントリーで書くことになるとはまさか夢にもおもわなかったな~ Anyway, I could have imagined that I would have written about such a improvement story of mama bicycle on such a entry only one year ago.

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