A Cross Cub in the Kyoto Imperial Palace site

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Jun 15, 2015 22:12
Today's topic is a motorcycle. It's the first time that I've written about a motorcycle although I have posted over 1700 articles of mama bicycles. The motorcycle was a Super Cub made by Honda. I think Super Cub is probably the most popular mini motorcycle, not only in Japan, but also in the world. Is it not true? I believe that. The scooter used to be very popular enough to be seen everywhere. It was cheap, tough, easy ride and little oil consumption. That's why it was Super. Returning to the Super cub which i saw in the Kyoto Imperial Palace. It was cool. Don't you think so? It has been secretly evolved! Haha, that's all for today. I will write about a mama bicycle from tomorrow again. Shuichi Tokyo

Blog link: http://mamabicycle.blogspot.jp/2015/06/a-cross-cub-in-kyoto-imperial-palace.html