Sushi Bar At Home

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Apr 16, 2017 21:42

Here is my blog link.

Caption: My youngest daughter and I parked our bikes at a supermarket bike park.  

When it comes to sushi for my family we usually go to a Kura-zushi the rotating sushi restaurant. No doubt we will continue it in the future. Last week my youngest daughter and I needed to buy something for dinner. We decided to go to a supermarket to buy some blocks of raw fish.   

Caption : There were some fresh fish blocks for sashimi in the supermarket.

Last month I happened to get a simple sushi making mold. It seemed to be used when you make sushi at home. So we were going to use it and make sushi at home.

Caption: She rode her bike to home via Takoyakushi Street.

 When we went home we started preparing for sushi making. The mold was a very simple one. All you need to do is 1. preparing steamed rice with some flavors like some vinegar. 2. slicing the fish blocks. 3. putting the steamed rice in the holes of the mold. 4. pressing the mold to form "syari" which is a unit of sushi rice like a small rice ball. 5 putting sliced raw fish on the nuit of rice.  

Caption: The mold was the yellow ones and the streamed rice with vinegar was in the red bowl.

It was success. You can eat syshi at home. :)

Caption: You can eat sushi after putting the sliced raw fish on the unit rice.