The Museum of Kyoto and the spirits of some traditional cultures

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Feb 13, 2014 07:15
After test-making hand-made soap we dropped by The Museum of Kyoto. Here is the link to the post It has been a while since we last visited the museum. It used to be the building of the Kyoto blanch of Japan Bank . It introduces you the traditional Kyoto cultures which had been developed among Kyoto citizens and still develop themselves to contribute to development in Kyoto.

Caption: There are several traditional shops and restaurants inside the museum.

Caption: There is a local character of Kyoto, Mayu-maro.

Last time my daughters and I could't see inside of the building which was the Japan Bank branch because a piano musician was preparing to play there, and visitors couldn't see it. But, we could see a huge doll instead this time. The old building offers a variety of cultural products to develop new culture. I think this is based on the museum policy. You can see more exhibition in the next building which has 7 floors.

We then biked to another traditional shop near our apartment. It sold old fragrance products. The shop master told about the history of the old goods. It seemed to be developed 1300 years ago. Old people used the fragrance to diminish their bad smell. These fragrance works for killing bad smell from yourselves. These products are used by actors in Kabuki, Geisha and people playing Japanese tea. Can you enjoy some Kyoto traditions? If so, it''s my pleasure.
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