Biking along a boulevard and a narrow street to a library

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Jun 18, 2013 04:35
After having lunch we headed for a library then. We biked along the side walk of Horikawa Street, the boulevard in Kyoto.

This boulevard is relatively wide in Kyoto. You can easily ride your bike along the sidewalk. A small child was practicing to rode his bike be himself. This small bike seemed efficient when a small child becomes familiar with riding a bike without training wheels.

We then biked along a narrow sidewalk which was just covered by an easy guard rails, and then biked along a narrow path which was covered by flat stones. It's interesting to bike along such a narrow path, right?

At an usual library, my older daughter rent some reserved books and then she began to read them enthusiastically. When she did it my younger daughter also started to read a book as if her older sister inspired her.

My older daughter tends to get deeply interested in what she likes. She even kept reading it in the rear child seat. Looking it the younger also start to read hers too. Good thing, good thing. :)