This is a continuation from my previous post.

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Feb 25, 2013 04:25
This is a continuation from my previous post. My daughters and I went to the shrine of which gate was specially golden painted. The name was Golden Shrine (御金神社).

What I remembered yesterday/ at that day was that this gold painting was the same of Golden Bicycle which I had seen along Oike Street on September in 2011. The golden painting shop had explained their golden masterpieces, and surprisingly, this shrine's gate was included. Well, the history of this Golden Shrine is rather doubtful compared with other traditional famous shrines in Kyoto, but this shrine is also worth visiting.


Another thing, you already noticed that my daughter wore a funny face musk on the top of pictures, this shrine kindly offered some characters' face musk for free to visitors. My youngest daughter excitedly selected that one. It was a rare experience, anyway. I appreciated it.
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