Vivi is the special friend in Lang-8 who I have most frequently com...

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Oct 18, 2013 03:21
Vivi is the special friend in Lang-8 who I have most frequently communicated ever before. Honestly, we have not really met. We had a chance to meet up when I went to China two years ago, but I just went to Beijing, and she lived in Shanghai. So we failed to meet at that time. I remember that she kindly sent a carton of water bottle to a hotel where I stayed. After that, she has kept writing Japanese entries and I have also kept writing English entries.... I don't know Chinese at all, haha, except 謝謝.

She seems used to traveling abroad every year. She visited Italy, Holland and other European countries. She kindly sent bike pictures from these countries every time when she had traveled. I was always thankful for that.

She had told that she would go to Prague in Czech Republic. Wow, it's the city where my mama bicycle customer's family lives. I thought that they should meet up there. It's interesting, isn't it? I e-mailed to the father of the family in Prague that he would meet her there when she travels to Prague.They recognized each other.

She finally began to travel to Prague at the end of last month. She kindly sent some intersting bike pictures from Prague and Linz. She went to Linz too. She talked about the bikes in the pictures as the following message.


She finally didn't meet the family in Prague. It was a shame. But she communicated with him on the e-mail as following messages. She, the family and I have not met so far, but our connections became important for me. I want to keep writing mama bicycles as I have done :)

”Hello Matt, I am Vivian. Shuiich's Friend. I came to Prague yesterday. Shuiich wants me to say hello to you and your family members! I will go to KV tomorrow and back within the day. Can you tell me a good Czech local restaurant? Great food with affordable price? I tried to step in Lokal last night without reservation but was told all seats full.>_<”

Hi Vivian! Another good Czech restaurant in the center is Kolkovna. Or Palanda in Zlatnicka Street is great and less touristy. Lucie and Juliana say hi too!

Thank you for your message. I came with my aunt this time. Her stomach getting painful since first day. It is a bit cruel to enjoy nice food when she feels no good.>_<Prage is really nice and impressive city, I like it! I am sure I will come again!^_^