Recently I have been busy working for helping a company acquisition...

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Jan 10, 2017 08:39
Recently I have been busy working for helping a company acquisition deal as a financial advisor. I need to lead the buyer. The last weekend I had to take some time for the job. On the other side, my mother will take a surgery to remove cancer this week. I will stay with her. I watched some horrible dreams over night. Yesterday, in my dream, I was a runaway killer who killed many people like a spy agent. It was a nightmare dream. An English lesson held at Cafe Frisch will be off this week. I've notice a simple phrase " Why not?" This should be a suggestion phrase when you do something with your friend, your colleague and your family member. But I may have mistaken the right use of the phrase in Hong Kong two years ago. It was a funny memory.
最近、財務の助言者として買収のアドバイザリーの仕事は忙しい。買い手をリードしないといけない。週末も少し仕事だった。それとは別で、今週母親が癌の摘出手術を受ける。僕は側にいるつもりだ。最近悪夢や怖い夢をみる。昨日は暗殺のプロのように逃げながら多くの人を殺害した夢だった。恐ろしい。今週はCafe Frosch での英会話は休みだ。ところで、Why not という良く使われる言葉が気になった。友人や同僚や家族と何かする時に提案を持ちかける時に使う言葉だと思うけど、二年前香港では多分間違った使い方をしていたと思う。楽しかったなぁ。