Biked to an abacus school with my younger daughter

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Dec 28, 2014 15:29
It was a sunny day and the temperature was not cold. It was good enough to bike around.

Here are some photos:

My elder daughter took an exam at an abacus school. She biked there by herself. She didn't have much time to wait for us. I took my younger daughter there too. We wanted to confirm whether her sister successfully arrived at the abacus school, and we intended to go to a library with us after her exam.

I biked along Oike Street.

My younger daughter and I were very hungry, so I stopped at a convenience store to buy some food. I bought a small pack of banana chips.

In twenty minutes we arrived at the destination and we found that she had successfully been there and she was taking the exam. I felt relieved and went to a library nearby. To be continued at the library.