Making Curry By Ourselves

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Apr 29, 2014 07:24
I took my youngest daughter to a butcher shop to buy some amount of muscle beef. I intended to cook sinewy beef curry that afternoon. Honestly, home-made sinewy beef curry is the best of all curries in the world. Haha, it's not kidding. If you don't believe it come to my home on the weekend. I will have you eat it. ;)

Here is the link to the post

I went to a butcher shop next to Kyoto city hall. Then I went to a supermarket near my apartment. It's convenient to get the ingredients when I ride my mama bicycle.

I started cooking after shopping. It's important to wash the half-boiled sinewy beef. And it's also important to boil it in a pressure cooker for 20 minutes, and then cool it for 20 minutes. Then, cut vegetables. My daughters helped me with cutting vegetables. Onion was cut by my youngest daughter and potato was cut by my eldest daughter. It's also important to viol them for 20 minutes again. It's necessary to cool them for 20 minutes after put off the fire. You can almost finish the specially tasty curry. Try it for yourself ;)