The Last Three-Five-Seven Festival

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Dec 21, 2014 15:38

Japanese people have Three-Five-Seven Festival. I'm not sure the exact definition of the festival, but all Japanese people cerebrate their child's growth when their child's age turns three, five and seven. My youngest daughter's next birthday is on Feb in 2015. She will turn seven, so this is the last 3-5-7 festival of our family.

Here are photos:

It was a rainy day. I took my younger daughter to a dress room with my Mama Bicycle. She wore her Kimono. She was very cute.

Too much rain to bike with her. We took a taxi to the Yasaka Shrine we always visited for the festival.

This was the fourth time that we cerebrated for Three-Five-Seven the shrine.

She was very adorable when I took a photo of her there. Her sister and my younger daughter finally finished the child festival. I am happy.