This is a true story :)

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Jul 30, 2013 05:03
I will choose to write about an usual weekend in a cafe. I am happy with my daughters there on every weekend. I hope that we continue to do our habit on every weekend. It's not so special but special in some degrees. I've managed to continue to coach them in their study . In fact, there is some difficulties to continue the activity. To study hard is not good to keep it on, and to study easily is not good for them. I think balancing is needed in order to keep it on.

I don't know what thing is the best for my daughters and I. To study there may not be the best. In fact, the study is getting harder for my older daughter. These studies may not contribute to their futures directly. However, we can get there, doing well so far. Biking there and biking to the other destination is the best balance for my daughters and I. We concentrate on our studies and then we always communicate with us each other on and off our mama bicycle. Keeping what they decided to do as a good thing makes Jack a smart boy, right? (← I don't know this uncompleted clause makes sense, however, I would appreciate it if you would understand what I mean in it :) What I can say is you can spend peaceful time with your daughters or children at least 6 years only only if you ride your mama bicycle with your daughters on weekend because it's a true story. :)