A usual sushi restaurant, Kura zushi and a unique mama bicycle

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Jul 26, 2013 04:40
My family and I went to a usual shshi restaurant, Kura Zushi. This post is "Again", which you would say to yourself. Here we go.

This is a usual route to the sushi restaurant in Nijyo, Kyoto. We biked along Sanjyo Shotengai Street which pedestrians and cyclists only use during afternoon. It's easy to ride there.

Fifty five minutes later, we reached Kura Zushi in Nijyo. There were many cars and bikes which the customers used to get there. Don't worry. I had reserved our turn in advance using its reservation system by a mobile phone. If you visit Japan and want to eat Kura Zushi. Call me. I would like to tell how to make a reservation by your mobile phone.

I saw a green mama bicycle made by Asahi cycle. It has an unique front child seat. It looks like a rear seat. You know, it's true. The front basket structure is the same as the rear one.

Do you notice the difference? Here are two types of mama bicycles in the picture ( Sorry, in fact there is the picture, however, I can't upload since you can only uplord three pictures.)

My family and I had as delicious sushi as we usually do. I bet you will be satisfied with the taste and system. Please try it one day.
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